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Secret Societies

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The Thule Society


A secret society working with the Ahnenerbe branch of the SS to uncover the secrets and power of The Hollow Earth. While the Ahnenerbe are interested in scientific justification for Nazi supremacy, the Thule Society takes a more occult interest.


The Thule Society is believed to be working on a programme of "super"-projects including the creation of spacecraft and secret weapons. Because the group helped Hitler with his public speaking skills, some have even suggested that the society somehow granted him magic powers that contributed to his later success.


The Thule-Gesellschaft has a resident psychic named Maria Orsic, who claims the Aryan race did not originate on the Earth, but comes from Aldebaran — some sixty-five light years away.


The Vril, Thule-Gesellschaft, and DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) merged in 1919. The DHvSS is said to have worshipped a German mountain goddess Isias as well as the Schwarzer Stein (Black Stone).



Vril Gesellschaft**

* The Vril Gesellschaft (Society) - motto: “Not all good comes from above” - is feminist clique within The Thule Society, practicing techniques suggested in Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. The women are psychic mediums who wear a horse-tail hairstyle, believing that their long hair acts as cosmic antennae to receive alien communication from beyond!

* The ultimate dream and driving purpose of the Vril Gesellschaft - originated by psychic mediums Maria Orsic, Sigrun, and Traute (known as the Vril Chefin, or bosses) - is to achieve space flight by any means possible to reach the Aldebaran system in the Taurus Constellation.

* Vril is a kind of energy harnessed by a subterranean race (the Vril-ya), who are said to be the descendants of Atlantis. Its uses amongst the Vril-ya vary from an agent of destruction to a healing substance.


Thule found its true purpose through the merger with Vril Gesellschaft and DHvSS which also believed in worship of the Black Sun; but it was the psychic mediums of Vril and Thule's own resident psychic Maria Orsic that convinced them that the Aryan race didn't originate from earth but from Aldebaran 65 light years away (a star system associated with the old god Hastur).


Vril also convinced the DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) that their mountain goddess Isias was the queen of Aldebaran.


Men Of The Black Stone (DHvSS)

* In 1919 Karl Haushofer founded the Bruder Des Lichts (Brothers of the Light) that later was renamed Die Herren Vom Schwarten Stein (DHvSS, The Lords of the Black Stone) from which came the "Schwarze Ritter" (Black Knights) of the Thule and SS elite "Schwarze Sonne" (Black Sun).

* The Black Stone is an anti-witchcraft charm that dates back to the days of the witch-hunters and the Malleus Maleficarum or Hexenhammer.



With all their beliefs united Thule began funding construction of an inter-dimensional flight disc named the Jenseitsflugmaschine (Other World Flight Machine) in 1921, under the guidance of a series of psychic revelations and images from Maria Orsic and translated by the Vril medium named Sigrun.


* The Vril needed to collaborate with other occult groups that could finance such an endeavor once the images were deciphered. For a society formed by women the thought of joining with powerful male occult groups was almost unthinkable.


* In December 1919 a small circle of persons from the Thule, the Vril and the DHvSS met in a specially rented forester's lodge near Berchtesgaden (Germany). They were accompanied by Maria Orsic and Sigrun. Maria had channeled transmissions in an alien script - a language unknown to her - with the technical data for the construction of a flying machine, which became known as the Jenseitsflugmaschine, (Otherworld flight machine.)



Together, they provided the basic materials to be used in the construction of the machine and the first designs of the machine itself. This machine was then built in Munich in 1922 in secret under the leadership of Thulist Professor Winfried Otto Schumann of the Technical University of Munich.


The Thule and Vril experimented with the disc machine for two years.It was constructed in 1922 in secret in a barn in Munich, and rolled out into a field for channeled flight testing. Despite two years at attempting to achieve channeled flight through high powered frequency field oscillations produced by strong electromagnetic forces within the craft, the occultists could not open what they termed a white hole in space/time and pass through, reaching the Aldebaran system and the Sumeran aliens that had contacted them.



This work aroused great interest from Hitler, Himmler, and Goering. With the Nazi Party in power in 1933 Thule and Vril were given official backing to continue the disc development plans.



Under the code letters J-F-M, Professor Schumann led the JFM project but decided to scrap all research in 1924. The JFM was hurriedly dismantled, after he had developed the SM-Levitator unit, and sent the pieces to Augsburg for storage at Messerscmitt's facility where it was either destroyed or later moved up to Peenemunde and reassembled for further study.



Another Thulist, Dr. Krohn, designed the Nazi flag which contrary to popular belief does not come from the Swastika at all. The German Hakenkreuz (Hooked Cross) is derived from the Black Sun symbol worshipped by all three occult groups. Thule had this symbol atop a German dagger in 1919- fourteen years BEFORE Hitler even came to power. The Black Sun is the cultists' name for the sun that shines on The Hollow Earth and is believed to be the source of the Vril energy.



By 1935 Thule had joined with Himmler's SS technical branch unit E-IV (Entwicklunsstelle 4), tasked with developing alternate energies (such as Vril itself), and started working on a large flight disc under the code name H-Gerat(H-Device). The "H" stood for the remote location where the disc was being constructed - in Hauneburg.



  • In 1937 The Vril will purchase the fallow land around the Arado Brandenburg aircraft plant and begin to develop a series of RFZ (Rundflugzeug, Round Aircraft) that utilize Professor Schumann's SM-Levitator. Tests with these craft continue until 1939 when Thule and the SS E-IV unit create a working EMG (Electro-Magnetic-Gravitic) engine named the Thule Triebwerk (Thrustwork)and moved from Hauneburg to Arado Brandenburg. The device H-Gerat will then briefly be included with Vril's RFZ series as RFZ-5 until war broke out. RFZ-5 then became Haunebu I.


Thule Society Members






Thule Society Artifacts

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