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Perhaps once, many generations ago, the wiry, albino troglodytes were human, but they have interbred so much over the centuries that they can only be mistaken for humans at a distance in the dark caverns in which they hunt and thrive. Troglodytes live in the honeycombs of unexplored cave networks that link the surface world with the Hollow Earth - sometimes (when hunger drives them) hunting on the surface, then bringing their prey back underground.


Cunning, feral killers, they lack the ability to communicate in human speech, but hunt and communicate with a system of unnerving screeching, grunts and growls.


Evolution has given the ability to climb over all surfaces with equal grace and silent speed and hunt by sonar - using their enlarged, pointed ears - but in the process has stripped them of eyesight - leaving them with milky, useless eyes in their heads which appear to serve no real purpose. All males are hairless, but the only observed female had a knot of dark hair on her head.


Exclusively carniverous, these patient hunters will stalk a party of explorers through a cave system until they detect a weakness - then pounce!




Archetype: Beastman Motivation: Survival Style: 0 Health: 5


Body: 2Dex: 4 Strength: 2
Charisma: 0 Intelligence: 1 Willpower: 3


Size: 0 Move: 6* Perception: 4
Initiative: 5 Defence: 6 Stun: 2

(*Troglodytes can Move full rate over any solid surface e.g. crawling along ceilings, up walls etc)



Brawl - Base: 2 Level: 2 Rating: 4 (2+)
Athletics - Base: 2 Level 3 Rating: 5 (2+)
(Climb) - Rating: 6 (3+)
Stealth - Base: 4 Levels: 2 Rating: 6 (3)
Survival - Base: 1 Levels: 3 Rating: 4 (2+)



  • Wall-crawling
  • Sonar (ignores all lighting penalties, +2 Survival when tracking in caves, distracted by loud noises etc)



  • Blind (auto fail any checks that require sight)
  • Primitive (-2 on tech-related rolls)



Claws Rating 1L Size 0 Attack 5L (2+L)
Bite Rating 1L Size 0 Attack 5L (2+L)

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