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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ For Your Wiki



How Do Called Shots work in HEX?

The Called Shot rules do have somewhat of a learning curve. The Example of Play in the book (pg. 138-141) includes the use of called shots, but here's a simple example that will hopefully clear some of it up.


Character A has a total attack rating of 8 with her firearm and is shooting at NPC 1, who has a Defense of 4.


If Character A shoots normally, she would roll her 8 dice and compare successes against NPC 1's Defense roll of 4 dice.


If she tried to do a called shot, she would reduce her attack rating by her target's Defense (lowering it from 8 to 4) but every success she rolled would be an automatic hit; NPC 1 would not be able to roll his Defense to reduce the damage.


An astute reader would notice that, assuming average values, the amount of damage in either case would be the same (i.e., average attack of 4 against average Defense of 2 yields 2 hits; average called shot of 2 would also yield 2 hits).


Where called shots become an asset is when the attacking character has the Accuracy Talent, which reduces called shot penalties. If character A had Accuracy 1, her called shot attack rating would be 6 instead of 4, yielding an average damage of 3. Increase the Accuracy Talent level, either with Style Points or XP and, well, Annie get your gun!


Why does Temple of Doom only score a 4 as an inspirational Pulp Film?

(a) The main action only takes place around one environment (unlike the other cross-country stories);

(b) The very annoying supporting cast (e.g. Willie Scott and Short Round);

(c) Too many little kids (see point (b))

(d) The main stunts are just theme park rides (e.g. escaping from the plane in an inflatable raft and the awful minecart chase)


How come The People That Time Forgot gets an 8?

Need I say more?


Why does the new King Kong rate less than the original?

The variable standard of the special effects, especially when CG creatures interact with humans, is inexcusable on this kind of budget given the ground-breaking effects films that have come before it; such as Jurassic Park (which was made in 1993) and Peter Jackson's own Lord Of The Rings trilogy.


In my world, Jackson's King Kong is what really happened and the 1933 film is the one that was made at the time to show what happened - using the technology available in the 1930s!

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